What is First Year Exemption? Am I eligible?

If you are a domestic first year student applying through UAC / VTAC / QTAC / TISC you may be eligible for First Year Exemption.

You are eligible if:
* You did not get accepted to Melbourne Polytechnic
* Were accepted to another institution
* The course is now wholly offered online (ie not being taught internally)

If your contract has not commenced you will be refunded your security deposit and cleaning fee where applicable.

If your contract has started, you are liable for rent up to the date of notification / moving out of the village. Your security deposit and associated fees (excluding cleaning fees where applicable) will be refunded.

Please note The First Year Exemption will not apply where you have accepted a Melbourne Polytecnic but you elect to defer or withdraw from your studies. You must notify Village Management in writing (Resident Notification) within 7 days from the Melbourne Polytecnic Main Round offers release date (generally around late January – refer to the Melbourne Polytecnic website for actual dates).

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