UCIC Students

How do I know if I am a UCIC student?
You would have applied to study at UCIC located at the University of Canterbury and would have been referred to us from UCIC for your specific contract.

What rooms are available?
We can offer a room at Sonoda Apartments located on Dovedale Avenue or at Ilam Apartments in the Hinau building. Both are right on campus and cost the same amount per year.

How do I apply?
You will have needed to apply through UCIC at the University of Canterbury to be eligible for this type of contract at UC Accommodation.

What do I pay upfront when my visa is approved?
UCIC students pay for their selected semesters plus initial fees upfront. Once the contract has been approved and we have received all necessary documentation we will send you an invoice that must be paid prior to arrival.

Can I pay once my visa is approved?
When applying to UC Accommodation on a UCIC contract it is necessary to make your first payment when you receive an invoice to secure your room.

What if I don't get my visa but I have paid?
Please contact us and send through your proof of denied visa. We will go through the steps with you for working towards a refund – if eligible for one.

What if I don't have a New Zealand bank account or credit card for my bank details?
On arrival, you should have already paid your first invoice by either transfer or credit card, if this is not an option for you please contact the accommodation team with these concerns PRIOR to arrival. When you have settled into your new apartment you’re more than welcome to come to the apartment office and request a proof of address from us, the bank will ask for one of these to open a new bank account.

What if my arrival or departure dates are different to the set dates?
Early/Late Arrival - If you’re arriving after your scheduled check in date, that is fine – just let us know when we should expect to see you. If you plan on arriving earlier than the contract states, you will need some form of casual short term accommodation. We do provide short term accommodation so please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Early/Late Departure – If you plan on leaving earlier than your contract states please contact the office and speak to the staff who will be able to advise on the process of departure depending on the date you wish to leave. If you’re planning on staying longer than the contract states, please also contact the office and speak to the staff about your options.

Can I arrive at the village without a confirmed booking?
No, we require all new and returning residents to have a valid application and contract with us to move in. Please do not arrive to UC Accommodation unless you have received your confirmation.

More Questions?
Please feel free to get in touch with us live@ucastudentvillage.co.nz
We are happy to help with all enquiries and questions you may have.


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