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Study Abroad Contracts
A special 18 week contract has been organised for our Study Abroad students which includes the Villages amazing Fresher’s Fest events which is great for making new friends and a special Study Abroad orientation. Please note that our 22 and 24 week contracts commence several weeks earlier and your flatmates are likely to of already arrived.

What Rooms Are Available

Rooms in Guruban and Dyara are available our Study Abroad, 18 week contracts.
Regular 22 or 24 week contracts are available for other room types.
Please view the Rooms and Pricing Page:

How Do I Apply?

Please apply via the Student Portal here.
Simply select the Study Abroad Term Session from the options available
Please select one of the Term Sessions containing: Study Abroad
Within the Application, there is a place for a "Promo Code" please use SA18

What Do I Pay Upfront When My Visa Is Approved?
Yes, all fees are paid upfront prior to your room being confirmed:
Application Fee: $55
Security Deposit: (equivalent to 4 x weeks rent)
Cleaning Fee: 5-7 Share: $100, 9-12 Share $60

Can I Pay Once My Visa Is Approved?
All contracts are legal and binding, we recommend waiting until you have your visa before proceeding with your accommodation.

What If I Don't Have An Australian Bank Account or Credit Card for My Bank Details?
You can provide an international credit card for your rental payments and update your rental payment details once you arrive in Australia.

What If My Arrival and / or Departure Dates Are Different To The Set Residential Contract Dates?
Please email us at

Allocated Apartments
You will be moving into an apartment where students are already residing and responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment. If for any reason you have concerns on arrival please let Village Management know and this will be addressed immediately.

Can I Arrive At The Village Without A Confirmed Booking?
No, you must arrange your contract prior to arrival. Failure to do so may mean that a room will not be available or delay your arrival process.

More Questions?
Please email us at

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