How does my rent get charged?

Your rent is debited from your Australian bank account or debit/credit card using the account details that you have nominated. Payments by debit/credit card will incur a surcharge fee.

How do I change my nominated account?

To update these details, please sign into the CLV website - click payment setup on the left hand menu and follow the steps to complete the process.

Any changes to your nominated account will be applied to the next scheduled rent payment.

When is my rent due?

Your rent is due fortnightly on Wednesdays. Please refer to the rent schedule, provided in the confirmation email or on the payment setup first page, for the exact dates of your rent. 

How much rent will I be charged?

Your payments are fortnightly and will cover the next two weeks of rent.

The first payment may include extra days to cover additional days until the next payment depending on your contract commencement date, please see the rent schedule.

Can I pay rent on a different day?

You can prepay your rent anytime before rent Wednesday and you should not be double charged if your account credit sufficiently covers your upcoming fortnightly rent payment and you have no unpaid debts.

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