What do I have to bring?

We recommend bringing the bare minimum when you first arrive, that way you and your new roommates can work out who buys what to avoid a double up of certain items. However, below is a list of what you might like to think about bringing;

- a photocopy of your ID, such as passport or drivers license. (Required for check in)

- bed and bathroom linen, including pillows.

- food and household supplies, until you can arrange a group shop with your housemates.

- cooking equipment and utensils, crockery, and cutlery.

- laundry supplies

- anything else you need to make the village feel like home!

We often find that it is best to wait until you purchase other items as previous residents may have left behind some essentials as donations, or your housemates may be willing to split the cost of items that the whole apartment can use.

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