What common rooms and features are available at the Village?

Each college has common areas for the residents.
-Swimming pool (15 metres)
- Theatre room with pay TV
- Barbeque area
- Snooker table
- Table tennis
- Vending machine
- Couches
-Group study spaces
- Computers, printer and photocopier
- Laundry facilities
- Swimming pool (15 metres)
- Poolside beneath barbeque area
- Lounge with TV with Foxtel and study
- Laundry facilities
- BBQ area
- Outdoor picnic area
- Laundry facilities
- The pool shed rec room

Please note that all common rooms are open from 0700 until 2200. Requests can be put in to stay later if sporting event etc. is on the TV.

Coffs Harbour
There are two main common areas shared by residents at our Coffs Harbour village.
Recreation Room
- TV with Foxtel
- Lounges
- Coffee tables
- Pool table
- Kitchenette
- Toilet
- Refrigerator
- Electric BBQ
- Picnic tables
Study Centre
- Study Desk
- Lounge Area
- Whiteboard
Available 24/7, airconditioned, CCTV coverage, free tea/coffee during office hours.

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