Can I have overnight visitors? Can my parents stay with me when I move in?

Please refer to the Village Rules regarding Visitors and Overnight guests:

74. Visitors
A visitor is defined as a person who is meeting with a resident for a short period of time, while a guest is defined as a person who is staying overnight with a resident. All visitors are required to leave the Village by 12 midnight. Any visitor present in the Village after midnight will be considered an “unauthorised person” and the resident responsible will be charged $60 accordingly.

Overnight guests are not permitted during the first four weeks of first semester, nor are they permitted during the Study Break, Exam period or the holidays. Residents who allow a visitor to stay over these times will be fined and charged the room rate for each night the unauthorised guest has stayed. The unauthorised guest will be expected to vacate the village immediately. Visitors are expected to adhere to the village rules and residents are responsible for their visitors’ actions at all times.

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