I can't sign into the website/CLV app

I'm getting an error when I try to sign in

Try I forgot my password to set a new password or confirm what email address you should be using with the village.

The system tells me I don't have an account

As above, the error message when your email is not registered in the website or the password is incorrect/not set. In the first instance, you should always try to reset the password.

If staff updated your contact email, you may be using the wrong email as this does not automatically synch to the website. 

If you checked out before September 2023, you will need to complete "Register your account" with the same email to link the account.

I'm not receiving the password reset email

  1. Confirm you're using the correct reset link https://campuslivingvillages.com/booking/lost-password 
  2. As always, check your spam folder. 
  3. Search for the email titled "Password Reset - Campus Living Villages"
  4. Check the email you're using for login.

My password link isn't working

Password reset links expire after 24 hours. Ensure you delete your password reset email and return to the password reset request link and request a new one. 

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